High School

Available for Grades 9-12

Life Nights

Life Nights are a place for you to have fun, learn about your faith, and unite with other teens who want to make the world a better place - just like you do. We can't wait to see you there!


Changing lives one weekend at a time, retreats will quickly become your favorite part of the Life Teen year! Good news is, there's one in the fall and in the spring! Trust us, and the hundreds of teens who've been on a Life Teen retreat - you don't want to miss it! Stay tuned for more info!

What is Life Teen?

We are blessed to collaborate with the Lifeteen organization to assist us in our High School Youth Group program. However, Life Teen isn't your typical youth group!

Take the step to be a part of a crazy, loving community of other teens and adults who understand all of the excitement and struggles that high school has to offer.


Come for Jesus, come for fun, come for friends (new & old)! Whatever your reason just show up! You won't want to miss the ever changing, ever exciting, and ever faithful experience here at Queen of Heaven. 


Stay tuned for our 2020-2021 Life Teen schedule!

Get involved!

Core Team

Everyone needs a group of faithful Catholics to look up to and help them grow in the faith. Spending time with one another is crucial for those we minister to, as well as for our own growth.

If you're feeling called to help lead our teens closer to Christ, please feel free to reach out to Grace. We would love to have you!


This is a wonderful community that we love to share. It opens a door for conversation about our faith. Talk to your teens about Life Teen, and feel free to stop in and say hello. We would love to keep you connected!


Image by Anne Nygård