Middle School

Available for Grades 6-8

Train the young in the way they should go;

even when old, they will not swerve from it

Proverbs 22:6

Do you love Jesus and want to spread your faith to others? Middle School Ministry can't happen without the help the Core Team. Join the Edge Core Team and make a difference. 


Middle schoolers are great and they need really great role models! We can use your gifts and talents, contact Chris or Jen today to see how you can help!

Edge Core

What is Edge?

Middle school can be crazy! Making new friends, learning new languages, sorting out all the chaos of growing up. At EDGE, you can unite with other tweens going through the same things you are. You'll also have another thing in common - your Catholic faith! Who better to share it with than people in the same boat??

I bet you didn't know your faith was this cool. Make sure to bring your friends and be ready for Edge! 


EDGE nights are held at Queen of Heaven (most) Tuesdays September - May from 7-8:30pm!

Get involved!

A high energy night of middle school fun! Come to Edge on Monday nights and see what it's all about! It's different from religion class, so come prepared to be blown away with games, skits, and excitement.

Edge Nights

Imagine being away for a day or two with your closest friends, hanging out, making memories and growing in holiness! Sounds awesome, right? Come check out a retreat and prepare to have your life changed!


We would love to meet you! Feel free to stop in after Edge and say "hi"! We love parent support! This is a wonderful community that we love to share. It opens a door for conversation about our faith. Talk to your tweens about Edge today!



XLT or (Exult) is an amazing night of Adoration, music, and fellowship that travels around to different parishes. Meet other youth ministries and teens doing the same thing... worshiping our Lord and Savior!


Fun Fact


Main Event


Five days and four nights camping at Darien Lake with tons of concerts, speakers and fun with your friends!

Did you know...

Did you know that Pope Francis comes from an unbroken line of popes that leads all the way to the first pope, Peter, who was handed the keys to the Kingdom by Jesus in Matthew 16:18 & 19! Cool right?



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