Middle School

Available for Grades 6-8

What is Edge?

Queen of Heaven Youth Ministry is proud to collaborate with the worldwide Edge program! Edge focuses on ministry specifically for those going through middle school and tackling all of the challenges and excitement that goes with it.

Come join us to learn about your faith, and how to incorporate it into your every day lives. Have fun and share experiences with those your own age, take the opportunity to make new friends, and grow closer to those you already have.

We can't wait to share this year with you and grow closer to Jesus along the way!

Stay tuned for our updated meeting schedule for the 2020-2021 school year!

Edge Nights

Join us once a week for a night of high energy, middle school fun! Come to Edge and see what it's all about. Edge nights are full of adventures, games, and fun that allow us to spend time with one another and learn about Christ along the way! Check out our schedule for  our weekly meetings and times. 


Imagine being away for a day or two with your closest friends, hanging out, making memories and growing in holiness! Sounds awesome, right? Stay tuned for our fall/ spring retreat schedule and come prepared to have your life changed- in the best way!

Image by Anne Nygård

Get involved!


We would love to meet you! Feel free to stop in after Edge and say "hi"! We love parent support! This is a wonderful community that we love to share. It opens a door for conversation about our faith. Talk to your tweens about Edge today!


Edge Core

Do you love Jesus and want to spread your faith to others? Middle School Ministry can't happen without the help the Core Team. Join the Edge Core Team and make a difference. 


If  you feel called to spend time with our amazing middle schoolers and use your gifts and talents, contact Grace today to see how you can help! We would love to have you!